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Southside Church Of Christ
Crawfordsville, Indiana 

ABC's For 2019: Brad Phillips 1.6.19
Rejoice: Brad Phillips 1.13.19
Some Lessons A Certain Rich Man Learned Too Late: Brad Phillips 1.20.19
A Few Good Attitudes Needed Today: Brad Phillips 1.27.19
A Few Bad Attitudes Not Needed Today: Brad Phillips 1.27.19
Some Dangers Christians Face: Brad Phillips 2.3.19
Let Us Part 1 : Brad Phillips 2.10.19
Let Us Part 2: Brad Phillips 2.17.19
The Need For An Eldership: Brad Phillips 2.17.19
Let Us Part 3: Brad Phillips 2.24.19
An Elder Must: Brad Phillips 2.24.19
The Responsibility of and to an Elder: Brad Phillips 3.3.19
How are Christians To Live In This World: Brad Phillips 3.10.19
How We Should Treat Others: Brad Phillips 3.10.19
Amazing Grace: Nathan Lynd 3.17.19
The Road To Emmaus: Jeremy Lynd 3.17.19
Valuable Lessons From The Parable Of The Rich Man: Brad Phillips 3.24.19
Don't Be A Worry Wart: Brad Phillips 3.24.19
Why Does God Allow Evil To Exist: Caleb Lynd 3.31.19
Perspective: Nathan Lynd 3.31.19
Means of 1st century church growth: Brad Phillips 4.7.19
The Need For Consistency: Brad Philips 4.14.19
A Lesson On Prayer: Brad Phillips 4.14.19
The Cross Of Christ: Brad Phillips 4.21.19
Nothing: Brad Phillips 4.21.19
Man's Obligation To Provide For His Family: Brad Phillips 4.28.19
Mary First: Nathan Lynd 4.28.19
Going The Way Of All The Earth: Brad Phillips 5.5.19
Godly Women Are Needed: Brad Phillips 5.12.19
The Parable Of The Pharisee And The Tax Collector: Brad Phillips 5.12.19
​Why The Sermon: Brad Phillips 5.19.19
Why Does Everyone Need Jesus: Brad Phillips 5.19.19
​Obey God Rather Than Man: Brad Phillips 5.26.19
​The Need To Discipline The Disobedient: Brad Phillips 5.26.19
Spiritual Growth: Brad Phillips 6.9.19
The Importance Of A Gospel Meeting: Brad Phillips 6.9.19
Dressing The Inner Man: Mo Hafley 6.16.19
Stephen His Preaching: Mo Hafley 6.16.19
Is It Wrong To Dispute Religious Error: Mo Hafley 6.16.19
Why Not Be A Prodigal: Mo Hafley 6.17.19
Is One Church As Good As Another: Mo Hafley 6.18.19
The Good Samaritan: Mo Hafley 6.19.19
Gift Of The Holy Spirit: Mo Hafley 6.20.19
Bible Authority: Mo Hafley 6.21.19
The Me Generation: Aric Russell 6.23.19
Are You Doing Your Best: Aric Russell 6.23.19
Its Your Responsibility: Aric Russell 6.23.19
Heaven or Hell: Nathan Lynd 6.30.19
Overview of Jonah: Jeremy Dehut 7.7.19
Diffusing The Gospel In Our Homes: Jeremy Dehut 7.7.19 
Daniel 3: Jeremy Dehut 7.7.19
Some Much Needed Christian Characteristics Found In Roman 12: Brad Phillips 7.14.19
Consider The Lilies Of The Field: Brad Phillips 7.14.19
What's A Preacher To Do: Jason Warner 7.21.19
You Have A Purpose: Jason Warner 7.21.19
Overcoming The World: Jason Warner 7.21.19
7 Things God Hates: Brad Phillips 7.28.19
What Can Happen To One's Faith: Brad Phillips 7.28.19
How Great Thou Art: Brad Phillips 8.11.19
What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up: Brad Phillips 8.11.19.
Consider Your Ways: Brad Phillips 8.18.19
Bag Full Of Holes: Brad Phillips 8.18.19
The Need To Be Sincere: Brad Phillips 8.25.19.
How Are We To Teach Others: Brad Phillips 8.25.19